A clear, glowing complexion can be your best accessory but most of us don’t take the time to properly treat our skin. The nights we are too tired to remove makeup, lack of sleep, hormones, environmental exposure, and many more factors affect the health of our skin. Knowing this, we provide several treatments that work best with your specific skin type in order to produce results. Maintaining gorgeous skin isn’t a quick fix, it’s a process. During your service we provide skin care education and product suggestions to give you the leg up on keeping your skin looking great every day.

Skin Care 
Extraction Facial$44+
Studio M Signature Facial
The ultimate facial that is customized to your skin type, along with a relaxing massage.
The Ultimate Facial Treatment
Customized to your face type, this facial includes massage to your arms, hands, and shoulders for the ultimate relaxation. (1 hr and 15 mins.)
Radiance Facial
Revitalize mature skin with antioxidants, vitamin enriched ingredients and nutrients. This facial helps repair damaged skin and increase collagen and elasticity giving firmness to the face. Skin cells are replenished while their skin becomes smooth and supple. (1 hr, includes 1 machine)
Healing facial - For Oily Skin
Clarifying facial and treatments that helps to heal and prevent blemishes by flushing out bad bacteria that causes breakouts. This facial includes using light therapy that aids in the killing of the bad bacteria. (1 hr, includes light therapy and 1 machine)
Microcurrent Facial$79
Red Rose Facial (helps Rosacea)
This facial is soothing to sensitive skin and reduces redness by clarifying the skin to lessen the symptoms of Rosacea.
Light Therapy Microcurrent$90+
Microderm and Microcurrent$140+
Microcurrent Add-On$34+
Light Therapy Facial Add-on$34+
Oxygen Therapy$40+
Back Beautification$66+
House Chemical Peel$77+
Top Shelf Chemical Peel$100+
Triple Treatment (use of 3 treatment machines)$112+
90 Day Skin Rejuvenation (consultation required)$500+
Perfect Lips
Delivers an instant plumping effect for fuller looking lips. A conditioning blend of ingredients that helps rapidly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment imparts and immediate contour to the lip area.
Eye Indulgence
Eye treatment that instantly firms and tightens the skin around the eye area. Helps stimulate lymphatic activity and diminish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. This treatment is a must for brides.
Makeup Application$49+
Makeup Lesson
**plus, receive 15% off any makeup purchase
$44 OR FREE with $30 Makeup Purchase

Waxing is a popular alternative to shaving unwanted facial and body hair. Our trained professionals at Studio M Beauty Bar will apply hot wax to the designated area and remove the hair gently in a safe and clean environment. Why worry about inflammation or ingrown hairs caused by shaving when you can let our staff put you at ease and have your skin feeling silky and smooth?

Waxing, Tinting, & Lash Services 
Brow Wax & Design$17+
Center of Brow Wax$9+
Lip, Chin or Cheek Wax$12+
Nose Wax$12+
Full Face$47+
Half Leg (knee down)$31+
Full Leg (no bikini)$63+
Upper Leg (with bikini)$54+
Upper Leg (no bikini)$43+
Neck Wax$20+
Men’s Back$39+
Men’s Back and Neck$59+
Men's Leg and Foot$74+
Men's Arm and Hand$44+
Men's Shoulder wax Add On$11+
Men’s Stomach and Chest$54+
Men's Stomach$31+
Men's Chest$31+
Brow Tint$22+
Lash Tint$27+
Eyelash Extensions$115+
Eyelash Extension Fill$40+
Eyelash Extension Removal$35+